Epoca maintains a growing assortment of both proprietary and licensed brands. We develop and nurture our own brand assets, and partner with media brands and influencers to interpret their brand language as in-demand products.

Tasty Logo


With more than 65 billion video views and 92 million Facebook followers, Tasty is the world’s largest food network. Their mission: to help today’s home chefs discover their cooking mojo. So get shakin’— into your kitchen to rattle Tasty’s line of pots and pans. Tasty shows you how to fork up your favorite comfort foods (and a few guilty pleasures, too!) with their fast and furious meal prep techniques. Follow along to Tasty’s step-by-step instructional recipe videos on the Tasty app, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Cookware and bakeware
  • Tools and gadgets
  • Tabletop
  • Storage and organization

Goodful Logo


Goodful things: Relaxing with a cup of tea and connecting with our personal Zen-inspired happy place. Hiking up the steepest hill we can find, armed only with a trusty water bottle and a determined spirit. Enjoying good food with good friends and family. Hobbies like gardening, yoga, cooking, DIY projects around the house. From healthy hydration to cookware solutions, Goodful™ products are designed to celebrate the things in life that really matter and help us achieve a more balanced life. To make life a little bit easier, a lot more fun, and full of more of the stuff that makes us feel…well, Goodful™.

Cooking Light

Cooking Light™

What healthy means now. The Cooking Light brand of cookware, bakeware and gadgets allows consumers to create deliciously healthy recipes with all the tools needed to prepare them. Cooking Light presents a carefully curated array of kitchen essentials that help you make smart choices and live life a little more deliciously. With a selection of eco-friendly cookware and bakeware, the Cooking Light line of kitchen tools is perfect for any health-minded home cook.

  • Cookware and bakeware
  • Tea kettles and dispensers
  • Kitchen tools and accessories
  • Tabletop
  • Cutlery and cutting boards

Primula Logo


A premier manufacturer of unique craft beverage products and drinkware, Primula offers an innovative product line for attainable at-home craft beverage preparation. Primula promises an exceptional beverage experience—delivering delicious flavor, ease of use and healthful benefits. Dozens of sleek functional styles and colorways are available to captivate any coffee, tea or water drinker.

  • Coffee and espresso makers
  • Tea kettles, steepers and infusion pitchers
  • Vacuum-sealed thermal water bottles

To shop the entire line of Primula products, please visit https://PrimulaProducts.com

Ecolution Logo


Ecolution specializes in safe, nontoxic, high-quality cookware that’s sturdily made, PFOA-free and manufactured using eco-conscious technology for cooks of skill levels. A product family of more than a dozen distinctive lines offers an ever-expanding range of options to appeal to just about any home cook. With an emphasis on responsible manufacturing, quality materials and environmental concerns, Ecolution cookware provides a safe, healthy solution for home cooking for the entire family.

  • Nonstick cookware and bakeware featuring water-based Hydrolon® coating
  • Aluminum, cast iron and carbon steel cookware and bakeware
  • A comprehensive selection of tools, gadgets and accessories

To shop the entire line of Ecolution products, please visit www.EcolutionHome.com

Laroma Logo


Laroma celebrates home cooking with a gourmet flair with a line of high-quality cookware, tools and accessories to enhance the preparation of family favorites and comfort foods. If food is love, Laroma prepares the way to your family’s heart and soul.

  • High-quality stainless steel and non-stick cookware
  • Food preparation devices and gadgets including pizza stones, popcorn makers, espresso makers and pasta machines
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