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Cold Brew Bottle – Coffee On The Go

Cold Brew Bottle Coffee On The Go

Cold Brew On The Go

Iced Coffee – on the go. This Cold Brew Bottle is a 20 oz. borosilicate glass coffee bottle with a stainless steel filter and black neoprene sleeve with carrying handle. It has a removable double layer micro-filter built into the base allowing for cold brewing of your favorite coffee, to go. BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe. The cold brew is sweet and delicious. It has 65% less acidity than a hot brewed cup of coffee. The cold brew is a rich, highly caffeinated concentrate.

The Cold Brew Bottle – Coffee On The Go has 5 separate parts.

  1. Glass carafe
  2. Top Lid
  3. Coffee filter
  4. Bottom Cover that holds the filter
  5. Neoprene sleeve to insulate and protect the glass carafe

How to make cold brew with the Primula Cold Brew Bottle

Step 1 – Grind Your Coffee

Add enough medium ground coffee to fill your coffee filter 3/4 of the way to the top. Use the medium grind as we are not making a concentrate so you don’t need as much coffee per ounce of water.

Step 2 – Add The Coffee to the Filter and Secure The Bottom Lid

Turn the glass carafe upside down and open the bottom lid. Make sure the lip of the filter is clear of coffee grounds and add the filter to the glass carafe like in the picture. Secure the bottom lid to lock the filter in place for the next step.

Step 3 – Fill The Cold brew Bottle with Filtered Water

Make sure the bottom lid is securely attached and then fill the cold brew bottle with cold water. Once the cold brew bottle is full, secure the top lid. Once the lid is tightened you can gently move the cold brew bottle around to make sure that water is saturating all the coffee grounds.

Step 4 – Cold Brew for 12-24 hours

Place the cold brew bottle in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. If the cold brew is too weak you can brew for another 6-12 hours. We recommend brewing for 24 hours and gently rocking the bottle every 4-6 hours during the brewing for optimum taste and strength. If the cold brew is too weak you can add less water next time. If its too strong you can add water.

Step 5 – Remove The Coffee Filter

Make sure the top lid is secure and turn the cold brew bottle upside down. Open the bottom lid and remove the coffee filter. Once removed, you may see some coffee grounds around the bottles edge. Use a paper town and wipe them off. Once the bottom rim is clean, replace the bottom lid. You can then place the cold brew bottle into the neoprene sleeve.

Step 6 – Enjoy Your Cold Brew!

The cold brew coffee is finished. You can pour it into a glass or drink it straight from the bottle.

Enjoy Your Cold Brew
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